Project Information


Overall objective of the project is to contribute on improving the development of tourism industry in the Barents region. Specific objective is creation and initiation of development mechanisms in long term public-private partnership for the tourism industry on all stakeholders levels.

In practice it means developing cooperation models between Barents region tourism stakeholders in order to achieve common goals. The project aims to collect Barents region tourism stakeholders from the different level: authorities, educational institution, businesses, business supporting organizations.  A result of the cooperation is an Action Plan for Barents region tourism research and development based on real needs of tourism stakeholders.

Project activities

The project stakeholders will operate on three levels. First peer-review group will be formed which will ensure the overall basis for the implementation of the proposed action. Secondly, current tourism development work and common issues will be identified through mapping background of tourism development work in each region and surveying on tourism projects in the Barents. Also, assessing tourism knowledge pool in Barents region institutions and assessing of stakeholder needs and expectations for tourism development in the Barents Region in order to create a research and training Action plan for tourism development in public-private partnership cooperation. Action plan will be made and agreed on in order to secure sustainable development in the future. Results on findings will be disseminated in the seminars where ideas for new projects will be proposed and obtained information will be used in the second phase of the project.
As a third step the research cooperation will be activated through setting up appropriate partnerships that represent the best expertise for the research topics at hand. An important part of the set-up will be the establishment of a public-private balance in research teams.

BART project is working closely with the Joint Working Group on Tourism of Barents Euro-Arctic Region and acting as a practical tool for implementation of the cooperation. JWGT will act as active participants of the peer-review group to support the development of the Action Plan.

Main outcomes

1. International core working team seminars where work is coordinated and further actions are planned. Results of the work so far disseminated.
2. Existing tourism development work (strategies and projects) mapped
3. Existing tourism business knowledge among stakeholders mapped
4. Needs for knowledge and tourism research assessed
5. Agreement on common research study topics to be conducted during the project.
6. Creating and agreeing on Action Plan for Barents tourism stakeholders to support the work of Barents joint Working Group on Tourism in order to ensure sustainable development in the future.
7. A pilot for developing Tourism Information Center in the Murmansk region is started and monitored during the project. Lessons learned from the pilot will be used when planning more TICs in the second phase of the project.

Budget and funding

BART - Public-Private Partnership project is funded by the Kolartic ENPI CBC programme 2007-2013, economic and social development. Implementation period is two years. Total budget is 921 525 €.  

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