Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight and Collation of Foresight Knowledge 

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) coordinates the national network of tourism foresight in Finland. The network collects foresight knowledge on tourism that presently exists in many different sources. It also supports disseminating this knowledge from one tourism actor to another. The foresight network consists of tourism regions, tourism businesses, educational tourism institutes, research institutes and other actors in the field of tourism. The network is based on reciprocity: it allows research institutes and specialists to supply foresight knowledge on tourism to the network. On the other hand specialists can also use the network to learn what type of practical tourism-related foresight knowledge should be placed under study.

One of the central actors in the tourism foresight network is a strategy group composed of representatives of the organizations of the network. Additionally, the members of the network constitute theme groups, dealing with for example climate change, consumer behavior, foresight methods and regional economic impacts.  

Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight and Collation of Foresight Knowledge project was started in autumn 2012. It is a continuation of the Construction and Coordination of the Finnish Network of Tourism Foresight project finished in February 2012. The network was built in the previous project and it is being developed further in the ongoing one. 

The aim of the project is to promote active and continuous cooperation within the network. The cooperation improves internal communication and decreases overlapping work.  The aim is also to deliver knowledge of the network to the general public through the tourism foresight database and a publication appearing once a year. The first publication, Minne menet matkailu? Näkökulmia matkailun ennakointiin osa I, appeared in March 2012 and the second one, Matkailua kaikille? Näkökulmia matkailun ennakointiin osa II appeared in November 2013.
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