Tourism Foresight Sparring


Tourism Foresight Sparring is a group working method to boost applying foresight knowledge to practical tourism business and development activities in a specific region and under a specific theme. 

Tourism Foresight Sparring Process

In foresight sparring, five concepts are examined from the viewpoint of successful foresight: anticipating customers’ future needs, proactivity, product development, know-how, and strategic foresight. The chosen frame is loosely based on Markku Wilenius’s (2008) article Taming the Dragon: How to Tackle the Challenge of Future Foresight.

In each sparring workshop a theme chosen by the regional group is examined with the assistance of invited experts and using group work methods. The aim of tourism foresight sparring is to help Lapland’s tourism industry to identify the changes taking place in tourism’s operational environment and to provide tools to follow and utilize these changes. Active work on the possibilities of the future and foresight enhances the competitiveness of Lapland’s tourism industry. 


Regional Groups and Their Development Themes in Tourism Foresight Sparring

• Enontekiö – sustainable local economy of tourism
• Inari – marketing and selling of summer tourism
• Kittilä (Levi) – social media supporting marketing and selling 
• Kolari (Ylläs) – digital communication 
• Muonio – international tourism environment 
• Ranua – MICE
• Rovaniemi – Russian tourism 
• Salla – summer tourism 
• Sodankylä – tourism development in Sodankylä centre
• Utsjoki – Slow down in winter tourism  

Experts That Have Visited in the Tourism Foresight Sparring Meetings

Leena Alakoski, Tmi L. Alakoski
Mikko Ampuja, 15/30 Research
Teemu Arina, Dicole Oy
José-Carlos García-Rosell, Lay/MTI
Kati Hienonen, Perhosvaikutus Oy
Elina Hiltunen, What´s Next Consulting
Petra Kaipio, Dicole Oy
Anne Kalliomäki, Tarinakone
Ilkka Kauppinen, Sähköinen Liiketoiminta Suomi Oy
Nataliya Kohvakko, Infokone Oy
Tuomo Kuosa, Alternative Futures
Eero Leppänen, Rautasilta
Anne Lukkarila, Haaga-Perho
Mikko Manninen, Koivu Interactive
Mikko Pöykkiö, Focus Flow
Oili Ruokamo, Haaga-Perho
Reima Rönnholm, Palmu Inc.
Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä, RAMK/MTI
Anneli Vaitio, Site Chapter Finland, Wiltrain Consulting Oy
Noora Vikman, University of Eastern Finland

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