The research theme concerning arrangement of events is integrally connected to tourism safety. Legislation and permit procedures define many aspects in the various phases of event arrangement—Assembly Act, Security Stewards Act, Rescue Act, Health Protection Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Private Security Services Act.
Many things must be taken into consideration when arranging events. For example:

  • premises and surroundings (building, room, environment security)
  • people (personal safety)
  • event communication and information (what, to whom, and when)
  • preparation for abnormal situations
  • risk management
  • rescue operations (safety and rescue plan and necessary related documents)
  • information security (e.g., wireless connections, data protection, etc.).
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Photo. Show Day seminar in Brussels, 4.12.2012. © Niko Niemisalo

Event arrangement has also been studied from the standpoint of safety and security at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute. MTI has arranged safety and security training related to event arrangement in Lapland’s tourism areas.

National and international research books and articles:
Morgan, D. - Dimmock, K. 2006. Risk Management in Outdoor Adventure Tourism. In Wilks Jeff, Donna Pendergast & Peter Leggat (eds.): Tourism in Turbulent Times. Towards Safe Experiences for visitors. Advanced Tourism Research Series. pp 171–184. Elsevier Ltd. 357 p.

National and international networks and projects:
Varsinais-Suomi Tourism and Adventure Services Center of Expertise (OSKE) and its Culture Chain and Cultural Tourism 2011 projects (in Finnish). 2013.

Event arrangement safety learning package (in Finnish)


Additional information:
Jenni Pyhäjärvi, Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 40 759 1569
Minni Haanpää, Multidimensional Tourism Institute,, tel. +358 40 484 4192
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