Enjoysafe - Tourism Safety Mindset for Events

Enjoysafe trains trainers for safety attitude in different kind of events. Event management and safety and risk management has raised importance recently, where public events are typical. Risk management in events is more and more challenging, due to fragmentation of population and extremist movements.
Safety and risk management in events requires foresight approach in everyday accidents, but also understanding on major disasters in dynamic environment. Our technical solutions can be tailored to serve safety and risk management’s needs.

Enjoysafe product has been developed in cooperation with actors in Tourism safety and security system of Finnish Lapland. It has been tested in different events and proposals. The product will be applied in Ice Swimming World Cup in 2014 in Rovaniemi (http://www.ounasvaaranlatu.fi/tapahtuma/2014-avantouinnin-mm-kisat-rovaniemella/).
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