Thematic meetings in Lapland area

The Lapland Security and Safety System arranges thematic meetings in ten areas of Lapland. Topics are selected based on wishes of local entrepreneurs and authorities. Meetings are open and free for all who are interested in tourism safety.

Upcoming meetings of the safety working groups of tourism areas 2014:


Workshop in Posio 1.6.2011       Emergency drill in Saariselkä 12.10.2011


Emergency drill in Rovaniemi 17.4.2012


All memos, pictures and slideshows are available in Optima.


To get username and password for Optima and also for more information about thematic meetings, please contact:

Past events

Risks, Danger and Safety - Spring Symposium on Tourism Safety and Security

16.-18.4.2012, Rovaniemi

Keskiyön Savotta

20.-21.6.2011, Rovaniemi Vaattunkiköngäs
savotta 192.JPG
Rafting in Rovaniemi 20.6.2011

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