TAIEX-visit in Rovaniemi 13.-17.5.2013

Host organization
: Multidimensional Tourism Institute with Tourism Safety and Security Network   

TAIEX is the Technical Assistance and Information Exchange instrument managed by the Directorate-General Enlargement of the European Commission. TAIEX supports partner countries with regard to the approximation, application and enforcement of EU legislation. It is largely demand driven and facilitates the delivery of appropriate tailor-made expertise to address issues at short notice.

TAIEX study  visits are designed to provide short term assistance to beneficiary countries on the approximation and implementation of EU legislation. Study visits are visits made by a limited number of officials of the beneficiary countries to Member State administrations. They give an opportunity to the beneficiaries to work alongside Member State officials to discuss legislation, experience first-hand administrative procedures and infrastructure and see examples of best practices.

Montenegro delegation:
1. Mr Loncovic Zeljko. Head Montenegro Mountain Rescue Service
2. Mr Miljevic Danilo, Head of Operational and Communicational Center, Ministry of Internal Affairs
3. Ms Pavicevic Dusanka, Senior Advisor, Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism
4. Ms Luburic Tanja, Interpreter  (consecutive English-Montenegrin)

TAIEX Itinerary 13.-17.5.2013.pdf

Dusanka Pavicevic_Montenegro Tourism.pdf
Satu Luiro_Regional Council of Lapland_13.5.2013.pdf
Martti Soudunsaari_Rescue Services_13.5.2013.pdf
Seppo Lehto_Regional State Administrative Agency of Lapland_Travel safety coordination_14.5.2013.pdf
Marko Palmgren_Regional State Administrative Agency of Lapland_Civil Safety_14.5.2013.pdf
Kari Tiermas_Rovaniemi city_14.5.2013.pdf
Ritva Pekkala_Santasport Institute_14.5.2013.pdf
Ritva Pekkala_Santasport Institute_14.5.2013_1.pdf
Oula-Matti_Peltonen_Santasport Institute_14.5.2013.pdf
Jaakko Leinonen_City of Rovaniemi_Legislation and monitoring adventure activities_14.5.2013.pdf
Jaakko Leinonen_City of Rovaniemi_KUV_Guidelines for the promotion of safety at swimming pools and family spas_2-2003.pdf
Jaakko Leinonen_City of Rovaniemi_KUV_Safety guidelines on flotation suits_26 6 2008.pdf
Jaakko Leinonen_City of Rovaniemi_KUV_Safety guidelines on traditional big swings_22 5 2006.pdf
Tarja Mankkinen_Ministry of the Interior_Eng Rovaniemi_15.5.2013.pdf
Timo Rajala_Police College of Finland_Presentation_15.5.2013.pdf
Henrik Veikanmaa_Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland_Rovaniemi-Montenegro ppt 15.5.2013.pdf
Sirkka-Liisa Oinaala_Red Cross Lapland_16.5.pdf
Paivi_Alanne-Kunnari_Victim Support_16.5.2013.pdf
Rami Korhonen_Lapland Safaris_Lapland Safaris safety_16.5.2013.pdf
Martti Kallio_Police in Lapland Region_17.5.2013.pdf
Joel Erkkonen_Metsähallitus_National Parks and Nature tourism_17.5.2013.pdf
Raasakka Eija_Linna Eila_Lapland and Tourism Safety and Security System.pdf
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