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The impact of a visa-free North - VivaNorth

Duration: 1.8.2013 – 31.12.2014

Funding: European Regional Development Fund, Lapin Regional Council

MTI’s role:
Project administrator is MTI/ Lapland UAS and MTI/ University of Lapland is co-executor. Staff participating in the project include Pasi Satokangas.

Objectives: To produce knowledge on the impacts of a visa-free northern Finland that can be used by, among others, the business community and authorities.

Activities: Create a model for assessing the impacts of a visa-free northern Finland which can then produce knowledge of use in decision-making in northern Finland. To produce an analysis of visa-free travel for a pilot area

Outcomes: The project will create a tool for decision-making that will support development of the tourism sector in Lapland in particular.

Project staff

Pasi Satokangas, project planner
Tel. 040 484 4498


ERDF and Finnish government 35 000 €
Municipal funding 15 000 €
Tot. 50 000 €