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European collaboration to promote well-being tourism and know-how for it

The project implements in part the innovation programme of the Lapland University Consortium, in particular the components Lapland of Experiences, Culture and Tourism and Lapland of Well-being. The project seeks to bring out the potential of and good practices in well-being tourism and to promote its visibility. One aim is to seek out sound European models and practices that can be used in the development work of MTI and the University Consortium and in carrying out cooperation between actors.

Duration: 1.9.2011 – 30.9.2014

Objectives: The objective of the project is to select, in cooperation with the project’s secondary executors, sample destinations and experts in the area of well-being tourism, to become familiar with their activities and to gather information and experience on them that can be used in developing well-being tourism. An additional aim is to collect information on the future prospects of well-being tourism, its potential customers and their wishes, the services needed and the forms of cooperation between educational institutions and businesses and to incorporate this information the executors’ own development processes. Efforts will be made throughout the course of the project to make agreements with selected educational institutions on education, research and project collaboration, on student and expert exchange and on starting up cooperation on internships. One additional ambition of the project is to improve cooperation among the business development organisations of the regions involved and for the participants to familiarise themselves with local operational models for promoting tourism as a livelihood. One central objective is to build a functional network of collaboration among the actors involved.

Partners: The co-executors are Rovaniemi Kehitys Oy, Lapland Vocational College, ProAgria Lappi and the MTT Agrifood Food Research in Rovaniemi. Also participating are Santasport, Kemi-Tornio UAS and the Institute for Northern Culture.

MTI’s role:
MTI/AMK is the main applicant


Source    Euros
 ESF and Finnish government
   264 357
 Municipalities    56 244
 Other public funding
   9 850
 Tot.    330 469


Project staff:

Mirva Tapaninen
Salla Jutila
project manager

Tel. +358 (0) 20 798 6755 /

+358 (0)40 527 6270

Tel. +358 (0) 40 484 4228