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Your source of support amid the changing demands of the tourism sector

As a client of MTI you receive expert assistance in developing your operations and competitiveness and in identifying the challenges your organisation must address. We chart the development needs of your organisation and offer service packages that are tailored to the problems that need to be solved.

Through MTI you have access to the services of the cream of the crop when it comes to experts in tourism, development and producers of new knowledge. If your situation calls for it, we can go farther afield and tap our extensive, multidisciplinary network of experts.


We offer the following services to private individuals, businesses of varying size, developer organisations and the public sector.

  • Research services. We carry out practically oriented studies and surveys that can determine organisations’ development needs, particularly in the areas of services and public administration. For example, we will chart the level of know-how in, or customers’ experiences of, your organisation. We also carry out studies of the economic impact of tourism and events.
  • Educational services. We arrange short, focused courses geared to improving the know-how your organisation and staff need.
  • Development services. We implement and guide development processes, strategy work and project planning processes for regions and organisations.
  • Meeting services. We hire out space for meetings and seminars. Food and refreshment service for meetings held in our premises can be ordered from the professional Restaurant Hilla. Further information available here.

Our areas of expertise

MTI is a nationally recognised expert in the tourism sector. We combine the know-how to be found in the three levels of education we support as well as in cutting-edge research and solid project know-how. We make our expertise available in the following areas in particular:


Please do not hesitate to ask about courses tailored to enhancing your organisation’s know-how in language and culture.

Contact us

Mirva Tapaninen
Planning Officer of Service Business
Tel. +358 (0)40 527 6270

Eila Linna 
Director of RDI
Tel. +358 (0)40 735 5300

Viirinkankaantie 1, FI-96300 Rovaniemi
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