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Assessment of economic impacts of tourism

MTI carries out studies assessing the economic impacts of tourism.

A report on the impacts of tourism on the regional economy can produce accurate, impartial and reliable information for a particular geographical area on the direct impacts of tourism on income, employment, wage income and tax revenue in, for example, retail trade, accommodation, catering, entertainment, recreation and communications.

A report on event income measures the direct revenue from an event. This can be used to estimate, for example, how much money those coming to a concert, festival or trade fair from outside the community will spend. Day visitors and those using accommodation services are analysed separately as to their impact. Consumption is presented by business subsectors. The direct impacts of tourism are realised in those businesses which receive revenue directly from travellers. In addition, account is made of the impacts that the event analysed has on employment, wage income and municipal taxes.

Reports on economic impacts should be carried out continually. Done at regular intervals, they can produce knowledge making it possible to monitor the development of economic impacts.

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