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International online sales, Internet and mobile marketing and other e-business applications have changed practices in the tourism sector in sales, pricing, relations between actors, management of customer relations, and the way businesses operate. Contact with customers is still changing rapidly in many ways. At its best, e-business promotes sales year round, facilitates and expedites contact and saves costs, but at the same time it can pose challenges in acquiring and managing new customers.

When you want to become proficient in e-business, our experts are at your disposal. We improve our clients’ competitiveness by developing the know-how of individuals, groups and organisations. We offer ready-made training packages but can also design programmes of training tailored to clients’ specific needs. Please do not hesitate to inquire!

Examples of our products
  • Internet Marketing I – Here’s where it all begins
  • Internet Marketing II – Social media as part of doing business online
  • Internet Marketing III – Social media, blogs and videos
  • Email marketing using Mail Chimp – First steps in electronic marketing

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Mirva Tapaninen
Planning Officer of Service Business
Tel. +358 (0)40 527 6270 mirva.tapaninen(at)lapinamk.fi

Eila Linna 
Director of RDI
Tel. +358 (0)40 735 5300

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