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Professional know-how in hospitality and catering services

We can provide training programmes and related tests flexibly in the areas of food hygiene, alcohol legislation and occupational safety.

  • Employees must have a hygiene passport if they handle unpackaged foodstuffs that spoil easily (e.g. milk, meat or fish). Workplaces in which employees should have hygiene passports include caf├ęs, restaurants, institutional kitchens, kiosks, grocery stores and many plants where foodstuffs are produced.
  • An alcohol passport is proof that a person knows enough about the legislation relating to the serving of alcoholic beverages. The passport is required of anyone in charge of a location where alcohol is served.
  • Many companies require their employees and any representatives of subcontractors on their premises to have an occupational safety card. The card shows that an employee has a sound command of the knowledge and skills that bear on occupational safety in the shared environment.

Please ask for a quote for other tailor-made courses your company may need relating to professional know-how in the hospitality and catering services!

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