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Project planning

You can get public funding for developing your business or organisation.

For example, the ELY Centre can contribute funding for the development of your business. A development grant can be awarded for a project designed to improve a company’s competitiveness in the long term if the project is seen as having particular significance for starting up, expanding or renewing the business, for encouraging innovation or strengthening know-how, for growth or internationalisation, for productivity or for efficiency in the use of energy or materials.

The Lapland Regional Council acts as a funding body for regional development projects and may grant funding from its national or EU funding for projects that advance aims of relevance for Lapland. Other sources of funding are also available.

At MTI we have years of experience in project planning and in the successful implementation of projects. We offer a service that supports your business in project planning and applying for funding. We help your organisation find the right partners and to proceed flexibly from planning to realisation of a successful project.

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