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E-learning package “Event safety”

Client: Finland Festivals/Culture Finland

Expert: Content produced by: Vesa Koivumaa and Aleksi Latavala, Lapland UAS 2013

Pedagogical guidance: Lecturer Outi Kähkönen, MTI, Lapland UAS 2013
Contribution to planning and implementation of material:
MTI’s safety experts: Pekka Iivari, Niko Niemisalo, Eija Raasakka and Mirva Tapaninen

When? Content delivered autumn 2013

For whom? We produced the content for the e-learning package “Event safety”, to be placed on the website kulmat.fi

What? Practically oriented steps for covering safety when organizing an event and safety in its different stages of the event

Description of the process whereby control can be taken over an event and the event environment systematically. Examining the process also provides a review of the safety where staff, the event site and agreements are concerned.

Substantive content, including, among other things, risk management from idea to feedback and risk mapping. Analysis of baseline situation from the point to view of event organization, legislative basis of the vent, permits and rescue plan + documents. Implementing safety as concrete measures; communication and feedback and components of safety

What did the service consist of?
Producing the content for the e-learning package “Event safety”, to be placed on the website Kulmat.fi

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