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Presentations by experts and workshops

Produced for the City of Turku the introductory presentation for the Tourism Product Developer’s Handbook and a presentation titled “Comprehensive services”, as well as workshop supporting productizing the Baltic.

Client: City of Turku

Expert: Researcher José-Carlos García-Rosell, University of Lapland

When: 14-15 September 2011

For whom? MTI provided an expert presentation and workshop for the City of Turku.

What? The sessions comprised a presentation of the Tourism Product Developer’s Handbook, a presentation titled “Comprehensive services” and a workshop supporting productization of the Baltic

The sessions provided a brief presentation of the handbook, which can be applied to provide practical suggestions on productizing sites in terms of rural, nature and activity tourism. The aim was to get a comprehensive picture of product development, one taking into account an ever-broader range of surrounding factors. The insights and materials put forward in the presentations were ultimately applied to productize the Baltic.

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