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Services / References / Training “Means for assessing and managing risk impacts”

Training “Means for assessing and managing risk impacts”

Client: Lapland ELY Centre

Experts: Project Director Pekka Iivari, PhD, and Project Planner Vesa Koivumaa, MTI, Lapland UAS

2013 in Sodankylä and 2014 in Rovaniemi

For whom? The course was intended to SMEs in Lapland that currently serve or are seeking opportunities to serve the extractive industries.

What? MTI organised in collaboration with the Lapland ELY Centre a course of training for mining company subcontractors “Means for assessing and managing risk impacts”. The programme was first carried out as a pilot in Sodankylä and received positive feedback. There was a clear need for such training and the programme was run at the end of the year in Rovaniemi, attracting participants from as far away as Oulu.

Why? Mining companies require every company working in the mine area to have a documented company-specific risk assessment and management plan. There was a clear need in the region for company-level expert service through which a company could receive support in improving safety as one aspect of quality in its operations.

What did the service consist of? The training comprised two days of face-to-face instruction and a half a day of company-specific guidance, during which the company received the following:
- basic information for the assessment and management of risk impacts in the company
- guidance from experts in drawing up the documents required by the mining industry (the documents can be attached to the company’s rescue plan)
- support for developing safety in the company as one aspect of quality in its operations.
- preparedness to make use of an extensive network of authorities and stakeholder groups in developing risk management and safety.

Participant’s feedback:
“Practically oriented and something that really can be put into practice”
“The discussion with others, networking and insights we got into the issues were very beneficial”
“The best part of the training was the concrete examples.”

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