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VeryNais entrepreneurship training

Client: VeryNais project, ELY Centre of Central Finland

Experts: Innovation expert Jouni Hynynen, ELY Centre of Central Finland
Innovation expert Risto Lustila, ELY Centre of Lapland
LLM, trained on the bench, Jaana Peltola, Arctic Mark Ky
Lecturer Marja Kallioniemi

When? 13 August 2011 and November 2011

For whom? The ELY Centre of Central Finland commissioned training in tourism entrepreneurship and intellectual capital in the operation of a business, which targeted female entrepreneurs in particular.

What? The opening session was held at the Agricultural Fair in Pello “From Tradition to Future”, after which face-to-face and online instruction was organized at regular intervals for a period of some three months. The training included instruction in ICT skills and related tools and most of the teaching took place online. Practically oriented learning packages compiled for the entrepreneurs and made available online, with necessary guidance provided through the experts involved.

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