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Cross-selectable courses

Credit for cross-selectable courses

Students may include in their degrees courses completed at other schools within MTI in accordance with the procedures determined by their home institution. In the case of the cross-selectable courses presented on these pages, the following arrangements have been agreed for receiving credit:

  • Students of the Lapland Tourism College can, as a rule, include cross-selectable courses from other schools in the elective studies and degree components for preparing skills for later studies or supporting occupational development (max 10 cr).
  • Students at Lapland UAS can, as a rule, include cross-selectable courses from other schools in the elective studies for their degree (max. 10 cr). If a student has already completed all of his or her elective studies, the cross-selectable courses may be included in the professional studies for the degree in a manner to be agreed in advance with the teacher-tutor.
  • Students at University of Lapland can include cross-selectable courses from other schools in the studies for their minor without restriction. However, in the case of minor subjects forming part of a master’s degree, only courses from the curriculum for the higher UAS degree will be accepted. Credits can be given towards subject studies in tourism research for project courses completed at Lapland UAS.

Registering credits for cross-selectable courses

Successfully completed courses are registered in the study records of the school at which the course has been completed.

Students themselves must see to it that the studies are credited towards their degree.

In practice, a student has to provide student services/the office at his or her school with a transcript of successfully completed courses. There the credits will be recorded as an equivalent course in the records of the home institution. The transcript of records can be obtained from the student services office of the institution where the studies has been completed.

Credits should be taken care of immediately after the course has ended and you have received the grade for it.