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Registration to cross-selectable courses

How do I register?

Students can participate in courses offered by schools other than their own by registering as part-time students at the school offering the course and registering for the course itself. You can take care of both registrations using the same online form, which appears when you click the links below.

Each school has its own online registration form. Please remember to be careful to choose exactly the courses which you want to register for. You can register for more than one course using a single form; in other words, one form per school is enough.


Registration for cross-selectable studies offered in academic year 2017-2018 is open 15.5.-31.8.2017.

Please remember that the registration is binding!

How do I know if i got the study right?

After you have registered you will be recorded as a student in the course. You will receive notification of your acceptance for the course and information on the course schedules via email when the registration period has ended or before the course begins.

Due to limitations on group size, not all students can necessarily be accommodated ona course; those who register earliest are given preference.

Your right to complete the course is valid till the end of the next iteration of the course. If you are not accepted for a course and plan to complete it the following year, you will have to register for it again.

How can i get into the online study environment?

The course will use the Optima or the Moodle learning environment, depending on the school offering it. The school will confirm your access to the environment being used on your course when the registration period has ended.

Those who participate in Lapland UAS courses: Courses are arranged in Moodle learning environment. Students from University of Lapland and Lapland Tourism College are able to log in to Moodle with the same username and password as they use in the university or college network. The Moodle entering key to the course's learning platform is provided by the teacher.

Those who participate in University of Lapland courses: Courses are arranged in Optima learning environment.

  • If you are participating for the first time in a University of Lapland course: After registration dead line you will get an email, where it is asked for you to identify yourself with the e-ID. After identification you will receive username and password. If you do not have an e-ID or you have lost the email you received, please contact University of Lapland HelpDesk (helpdesk@ulapland.fi, tel. 040-484 4488).
  • If you have participated in Universty of Lapland course before: Your previous username and password are valid. If you have lost one or both of them, please contact Universtiy of Lapland HelpDesk (helpdesk@ulapland.fi, tel. 040-484 4488).

If you are not familiar with the environment you can receive instructions on how to use it by getting in touch with the contact person at your school.

HelpDesks are there to help you as well: LTC, Lapland UAS, ULap.