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Joint studies

Joint implementation

Jointly implemented studies at MTI refer to studies that belong to a single institution’s own course offerings but which are completed in whole or in part with students from other schools. The course may, for example, have joint lectures but with assignments specific to different institutions. Or the lectures may be different for students with different backgrounds, but the assignment for the course requires students to work together to complete a commission they have received from the business community.

In jointly implemented courses, you learn to work with students who have different educational backgrounds, gain new perspectives on the topic being taught and have a chance to experience different teaching methods and learning cultures. The same material is not taught in adjacent rooms; rather students tackle the same problems together. Jointly implemented courses are generally arranged between two institutions.

Please note that despite courses being jointly implemented, they may have different names of their own in the curricula of the participating institutions. Registration for the courses follows the procedure for the student’s own institution (Winha, WebOodi).

In academic year 2015-2016, the following jointly implemented courses will be offered:

  • Designing Tourism Services (Lapin UAS & ULap)
  • Destination Management and Seasonality (Lapin UAS) & Developing Destination Experiences (ULap)
  • Destination Project (Lapin UAS & ULap)
  • Tapahtumaosaaminen (LTC) & Tapahtumatypologiasta tapahtuman toteutukseen (Lapin UAS) & Tapahtumamatkailu (ULap) (in Finnish).
  • International GALA-dinner (Lapin UAS & LTC)

In addition, we are planning a course to be jointly implemented by LTC and Lapland UAS that will focus on Christmas food services.