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A profession working closely with people – a foundation for the future

I have been involved in the restaurant world through my parents and relatives since I was little, so getting a qualification in the field was a pretty straightforward choice for me. I applied to the programme for waiters and waitresses at Lapland Tourism College, as there was something about the programme that interested me more than working in the kitchen did. Maybe it was that you get to work more with people.

I started my studies in 2011. It was rough at times and easier at others but throughout I enjoyed the fact that there was a suitable mix of theory and practice. You didn’t have to spend all your time confined to a desk. In my last year I had spent two months in a placement in Iceland. It was cool working abroad and improving my language skills. We also ended up with a placement in a great place: Hotel Hilton in Reykjavik. It was nice to get a chance to see a place like that.

One of the high points in my studies was winning the Finnish Cook and Serve championship with Emma Sarajärvi. There were probably many reasons why we were successful and it is hard to put my finger on why we won. I am sure that one thing that helped was that we practiced at the crucial time – right before for the completion – and not, for example, a month earlier, when we might have forgotten something. We both had good work placements, which I’m sure played a role in our success as well.

I now have my future planned for a year or so ahead. I graduated in spring 2014 and spend the summer working in Helsinki. At the moment I’m working in Rovaniemi and will be going to work at Levi for the Christmas season. In January I have to start my military service.

Juuso Killström obtained a qualification as a server at Lapland Tourism College from 2011 to 2014.

Juuso Killström