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Services for students

The schools provide students with many services in order to facilitate their studies. Help with practical matters is available at the student services office of one’s own institution. In addition, other student services, such as IT services, health care, tutoring and guidance are arranged for the most part in each individual institution.

The universities have a joint library (the Lapland University Library), which has an extensive collection of tourism-related materials. At the University, information on the collections is available through the University’s Information Service (tel. 040 484 4303) and at Lapland UAS the Library’s Jokiväylä office (tel. 040 843 7617, email: kirjasto.jokivayla(at)lapinamk.fi).

The Lapland UAS and ULap also organize sports services for students and staff. Read more about these at LUC Sport .

LTC students have student services offices available at the sites where instruction is offered (Toripuistikko, Levi Institute in Kittilä and the Sodankylä Institute), see www.lapinmatkailuopisto.fi.

The student services office for the students in tourism, catering and economics at Lapland UAS is located on the Viirinkangas campus (Viirinkankaantie 1, second floor):

Open Mon–Fri 9:30–12:00 and 13:00–14:30.

Contact information:
Student Affairs Officer: Seija Enbuske, room 224A, tel. 0400 896 963
Student Affairs Officer: Anne Nurmi, room 224A, tel. 040 710 6408
email: MTIOpintotoimisto[at]lapinamk.fi

Services at the University of Lapland are located on the main campus (Yliopistonkatu 8, Wing E, first floor):
Open Mon–Fri 9.00–11.00 ja 12.00–15.00
tel. 040 485 6583
email: opinto[at]ulapland.fi
The office of the Faculty of Social Sciences is located in A-wing of the main building.

Study Coordinator Mikko Vehkaperä also has an office on the Viirinkangas campus (Viirinkankaantie 1, third floor, room 313).

Student organizations

LTC Student´s Union 
at Facebook

- Students in the tourism, catering and economics programme at Lapland University of Applied Sciences
RetRo at Facabook

Jalot Villit (‘Noble savages’)
– Students of tourism research at the University of Lapland www.jalotvillit.net