Everyday Product Development / Operating Environment

Operating environment as the starting point for product



Product development does not happen isolated from the rest of the world. It is strongly related to the global and local relationship and interaction existent between societies, regions, business areas and people. While product development takes place under particular circumstances, it is through product development that we can change the world around us.

The work of a product developer is strongly attached to the operating environment, approaching it not just as external challenge but also as a business opportunity. Instead of reacting to changes in the operating environment, product developers should learn to recognise elements that remain constant, foresee possible changes in the operating environment and thus use this valuable information in product development.

This part of the handbook should help product developers to outline their operating environments not as external and detached from but as an integral part of their own work. Product developers should learn to feel and live according to their operating environment. This handbook discusses the operating environment according to the way it is outlined, stakeholder roles and challenges and opportunities.



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