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Finland – and Lapland in particular – is an increasingly popular travel destination. The numbers of travellers are rising steeply, and partly this can even be regarded as mass tourism. This has awakened a lot of discussion on whether to concentrate more on quality goals instead of numbers. To draw travellers who are willing to pay more than average for their trip so that the tourism industry and the local community could earn more without excessive numbers of tourists.

During peak season, an overnight stay at a Lappish hotel is relatively expensive. This could be one explanation for why especially the number of international travellers has been on the rise. Nevertheless, we are heading in the right direction. Lapland, or Finnish tourism for that matter, cannot compete with prices. Success must derive from some other factors.

When searching for a traveller that spends a lot of money, discussion turns to luxury travel. However, the concept is problematic at least in everyday language. There is no single definition for luxury.

Formerly, luxury meant goods and services that only the rich could afford. Today, luxury is more the consumer’s product experience. This does not eliminate the demand for a quality product. In addition to quality, a luxury product must also somehow stand out. The consumption of a luxury product always includes an experience of uniqueness.

Traditionally, Finland has not been seen as a paradise of luxury products. Labour costs are high in Finland, and certain modesty is connected to Finnishness. Even “high society” is respected for being ordinary. If the consumption of luxury products is low among us Finns, it is difficult to make them for others.

However, new luxury is different. It is not solely aimed at the extremely wealthy, even though for the seller the idea of luxury is to get a better price for it. Experientiality means that luxury is not only the pretty surface, it is also uniqueness. Lappish nature, silence and purity are great ingredients for creating a unique experience. In Lapland we have many ready products for luxury markets, but there is still room for product development especially for the summer season.

Director of MTI,
Antti Honkanen


The Arctic Guide online course – a modern tool for guide training

The Arctic Guide online course created by Lapland UAS / MTI helps with the induction of new guides and improves the cost-effectiveness of the training. With the help of the course, the company can also set a standard for its guide training, which gives added value when marketing the services to tour operators. Lappish programme service companies and authorities planned and created the Arctic Guide online course together with Lapland UAS / MTI.

The course brings together professional and pedagogical knowhow in tourism. The Arctic Guide online course is a unique tool to support the guide training at tourism companies. The Arctic Guide online course provides guides with an overview of the special features of tourism in Lapland as well as skills for performing, leading groups and working responsibly in nature, in an Arctic operating environment.

Arctic Guide-virtuaalikurssi 

Further information

Eija Raasakka, eija.raasakka(at), 040 709 8160

The new curriculum changes working life cooperation

What sort of services will tourists expect in 2025? This question was pondered by the first year Bachelor students at Lapland UAS / MTI, who planned 12 great service products of the future for the multi-purpose building of Lapland Hotels and Lapland Safaris.

In accordance with the new curriculum, the students participated in working life cooperation that lasted the whole autumn term. This close cooperation helps the new students in orientation to future work tasks and offers them a chance to start networking with working life.

The task was to plan "cross-over" service products / service product ideas for year 2025. The students got to know the Rovaniemi branches of Lapland Hotels and Lapland Safaris: Lapland Hotels Sky Ounasvaara restaurant and hotel, Chalet Ounasvaara, Santa Claus Office at the Arctic Circle, Ounasvaara Ski Resort, Lapland Safaris Office and Lapland Husky Safaris at the Arctic Circle. From the students’ presentations, the commissioner chose three service products that will be further developed.

 Pilke3.jpg Pilke2.jpg

Further information

Minna Sipponen, minna.sipponen(at), 040 6790 431
Heidi Kaihua, heidi.kaihua(at), 040 7106 437

Communicating about Accessibility – an untapped marketing asset

”Esteetön viestintä”, Accessible Communication seminar was arranged at the Arktikum in early November by the project ”From Accessible Tourism to Accessible Hospitality”. The keynote speaker at the seminar was Sanna Kalmari, an expert and blogger on accessible tourism (see the blog Palmuasema). She emphasized how important it is to make tour operators recognize the significance of accessibility.

The seminar highlighted the need to be brave. The general will to inform about and implement accessibility already exists, next some more courage is needed to get the wheels rolling! Emphasis on accessibility brings new clientele and more grateful customers to destinations. Accessible services are very significant for certain groups of customers – and even small deeds and visibility may create wonders.

Read more ideas on the blog (in Finnish):

Traditional Gala Event celebrated with Arctic Mafia twist

The annual Gala Event was organized at the MTI Hilla Restaurant on Friday, 17 November 2017. The Gala is an excellent example of MTI cooperation, for it is organizaed by the Lapland UAS English Degree Programme in Tourism together with the Finnish Hospitality Management students and chef students from Lapland Vocational College.

This year, the Gala theme was ”Arctic Mafia”. The festive gala experience was planned as part of studies, and it was a great show of the students’ skills. In addition to international students, this year the Gala Event welcomed a record number of Lapland UAS / MTI alumni. The alumni event started with a get-together at the Restaurant Zoomit.

We would like to thank our alumni for joining us and hope that the Gala Event offered some memorable experiences!

 Gala2.jpg  Gala1.jpg


Alumni Event in March

On Thursday, 22 March 2018 at 13-17 the traditional Alumni Event will be organized in the MTI Auditorium. The theme is luxury tourism and the keynote speaker is Mona Eskola, Researcher working at Finnair. Also, the Lappish tourism alumni for year 2018 will be announced.


Joyful learning and bustle behind the scenes – experiences from Lapland Tourism Parliament


The Hospitality Management students took a visible role at the Lapland Tourism Parliament organized in Rovaniemi in autumn 2017. Liisa Mäenpää, Executive Director of Finnish Lapland Tourist Board, carried the main organizing responsibility of the event. She was quite satisfied with the students’ work and participation. This year the students brought new elements to the communication, such as Facebook Live Streaming and Twitter feed, which created new visibility for the event. Also newsletters and interviews with the speakers published on the website were well received.

MTI students also had other tasks at the Lapland Tourism Parliament, such as taking care of the information desk and the conference presentation technology.

Senior Lecturer Kati Koivunen, who supervised the marketing communication team,
regards events as meaningful learning environments:”Projects like this teach the students the most. It is both challenging and rewarding when you can test your skills in a real situation. Sometimes you can actually see how the student grows professionally; it is a joy to witness it.”

Further information

Kati Koivunen, kati.koivunen(at), 040 0152 804

Lapland University field work students in Kolari

Multidisciplinary groups of tourism, architecture and geography students from the Universities of Lapland and Oulu planned and discussed the development of infrastructure for tourism in Kolari in late September. The plans were presented at the end of the field work and the final results will be published in December. The students gave praise to the multidisciplinary course, the versatile programme and planning tasks as well as the location in Kolari.

”There are many attractive destinations in the region, they only need to be made visible. We started pondering the issue from the view point of service design, thinking what already exists and then we made a kind of preliminary plan for this lookout where two rivers meet,” says Kirsi Kuusisto, tourism research student from the University of Lapland. The locals and municipality representatives have welcomed the new ideas. “Trips like this bear fruit for years. The stories of Jyrki (Vaattovaara) and other locals will stick in our mind,“ says Santtu Hyvärinen from the University of Oulu.


The work continues at the universities as well as in the Municipality of Kolari that provided an attentive audience for the students’ ideas.

Further information:
Outi Rantala, outi.rantala(at), 040 484 4202

Company and students joined their forces at Snowmobile Fair

Kelekkamessut, Snowmobile Fair was organized in Rovaniemi on 4.–5.11. by Lapin Messut cooperation with Lapland UAS / MTI students.

Lapland UAS and Lapin Messut Ltd. have cooperated since 2002. The Hospitality Management students took part in Kelekkamessut for the fourth time in a row. Erkki Kuoksa, PR Officer, and Mikko Vikström, CEO, are both very satisfied with the cooperation. "Now that the school’s ways and operating environment are familiar, it is easy to work together. Also, the exhibitors have thanked the students for their help during the Fair. ", says Kuoksa.

 Kelekkamessut1.jpg  Kelekkamessut2.jpg

During the Fair, the students worked at the information desk, as Fair hosts and hostesses as well as at the childrens’ activity corner that was also designed by the students. The students were easy to recognize by their pink shirts and a cheerful smile.

Through cooperation the parties also learn from each other. The students always see the event with fresh eyes, which brings new, fresh ideas. Lapin Messut, for their part, share their experience and knowhow.

Further information
Jenni Pyhäjärvi, jenni.pyhajarvi(at), 040 7591 569

Lapland UAS / MTI students experiment

3rd year students doing their advanced event management studies planned and implemented the national two-day Kokeilukulttuuri (Culture of Experimentation) Goes Arctic competition in Rovaniemi on 7.-8.11. This completion organized by the Prime Minister’s Office together with the Lapland UAS was the concluding event of the Experimental Finland tour bringing together the UAS network and their stakeholders from all around Finland.

The competition themes originated from the key project Competitiveness for Finland. The Lapland Brand was connected to them both visually and through slogans like ”Consider it done”. Organizing and managing the event offered the students a unique learning environment. The event management studies joined the day and multimodal groups. Also advanced training and a development project were done in connection with the event.




Tips for using Lappish local food in tourism services(in Finnish)






Doctoral dissertations
Event co-creation as choreography: Autoethnographic study on event volunteer knowing (by Minni Haanpää)
Matkailusta hyvinvointia syrjäisille kylille? (in Finnish, about tourism development in peripheral and remote villages, by Maria Hakkarainen)

Master’s Theses
• Master’s thesis: Matkalla eletty keho. Fenomenologinen tutkimus ikääntyvien kansainvälisten matkailijoiden kehokokemuksista Lapissa (in Finnish, by Petra Lemmetty)
• Master’s thesis: Eläinkuvien tuottamat merkitykset matkailun markkinointiviestinnässä: Semioottinen kuva-analyysi Ranuan eläinpuiston nettisivuista (in Finnish, by Tiina Kumpuniemi)
• Master’s thesis: Suomalainen alastomuuskulttuuri ulkomaalaisten kokemana (in Finnish, by Henni Tallinen)


Would your organization be interested in cooperation with us? Are you interested in new ideas and views that our students create for various companies and organizations? As MTI alumni you have the great opportunity to recruit our students as trainees, offer commissions for study units, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses, or come and tell your own career story to our current students!

Contact MTI alumni relations coordinators
Minna Sipponen, minna.sipponen(at)
Outi Kugapi, outi.kugapi(at)

We wish you,
our dear Alumni,
a truly wonderful holiday season!
Eat a lot of goodies, drink glög and enjoy life!
To be continued next year.

Season’s Greetings,
MTI alumni elves Outi, Minna and Petra