Markku Vieru

Professor of Accounting 

Docent of Financial Accounting (University of Oulu)

Ph.D. (University of Oulu)

+ 358 (0)400 377 641

Research interests /Tutkimusintressit

    • Accounting, Finance and Economics in Tourism
    • Corporate governance and auditing
    • Sustainable Reporting
    • Market Responses to Corporate Disclosure
    • Investor´s Trading Behavior  
    Key publications / Tärkeimmät julkaisut

    • Falk, M. & Vieru, M. (2017). Demand for downhill skiing in subarctic climates. Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism (Accepted for publication).
    • Falk, M. & Vieru, M. (2017). Impact of rouble’s depreciation on Russian overnight stays in Finnish regions and cities. Tourism Economics. (Accepted for publication).
    • Vieru, M. (2015). Do tourism firms with female CEOs hold higher levels of cash? Finnish Journal of Tourism Research 11(2), 24-44.
    • Peltoniemi, J. & Vieru, M. (2013). Personal guarantees, loan pricing and lending structure in Finnish small business loans. Journal of Small Business Management. 51(2), 235-255.
    • Vieru, M. & Schadewitz, H. (2010). Impact of IFRS transition on audit and non-audit service fees: evidence from small and medium-sized listed companies in Finland. Finnish Journal of Business Economics, 59:1, 11-41
    • Vieru, M., Perttunen, J. & Schadewitz, H. (2006). How investors trade around interim earnings announcements. Journal of Business Finance & Accounting 33:1 & 2, 145–178.
    • Vieru, M., Perttunen, J., & Schadewitz, H. (2005). Impact of investors’ trading activity to post-earnings announcement drift. In E. K. Laitinen & T. Laitinen (Eds), Contributions to Accounting, Finance, and Management Science – Essays in Honour of Professor Timo Salmi (Acta Wasaensia, no. 143 (ISBN 952-476-098-3), 373-401). Vaasa: Yliopistopaino.