Action Plan for Barents Tourism

For the first time in history, an Action Plan has been created to promote interregional tourism cooperation in the Barents Region. Interregional tourism development will help strengthen the attractiveness and accessibility and promote public awareness of the different destinations situated in the Barents Region.

The Action Plan is based on extensive research, backround material and expert consultations. A total of 71 interviews were conducted among small and medium-sized Barents enterprises in Finnish Lapland, Swedish Lapland, Northern Norway, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions in Russia.

The Action Plan focuses on five key areas: cooperation, education and knowledge, accessibility and transportation infrastucture, product development and place identity. These five key action areas have been identified as vital to promoting interregional tourism development in the Barents Region.

By promoting cooperation through cross-border private and public partnerships, the Action Plan contribute to making the region more attractive to visitors and thus promoting economic growth and social wellbeing.

Action Plan for Barents Tourism produced as a part of Barents tourism development project BART - Public-Private Partnership in Barents Tourism funded by European Union Kolarctic ENPI CBC program. The Action Plan for Barents Tourism  was done in cooperation with Barents Euro-Arctic Joint Working Group on Tourism (JWGT).

Action Plan's website will be launched on June 2013. 

Action Plan etusivu kuvana, 2nd Edition.jpg


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