Risks, Danger and Safety - Spring Symposium on Tourism Safety and Security 16 - 18 April 2012



Professor Raimo Väyrynen

Keynote title: Safety and Security - Definitions and Content

Raimo Väyrynen is Doctor of Social Sciences from University of Tampere (1973) and is a Professor emeritus of Political Science. He has served as Professor of Political Science at the University of  Helsinki in 1978-93 as the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences in 1989-93. In addition, he has been the President of the Academy of Finland and the founding Director of the new Finnish Institute of International Affairs. He has served in 1993-2002 as the tenured Professional of Political Science the University of Notre Dame (USA) and the Director of its Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies. He has also served as a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Princeton, Harvard, and Minnesota.

Professor Väyrynen's scientific accomplishments are extensive focusing on theory and history of international relations, international political economy and peace and conflict research.

Professor Raimo Väyrynen chairs currently the Board of the University of Lapland, Finland and the Science Advisory Board of the European Science Foundation.

Lori Pennington-Gray2.jpg Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray

Keynote title: International Tourists Perceptions of Safety & Security: - What Role Does Social Media Play?

Dr. Lori Pennington-Gray is the Director of the Tourism Crisis Management Institute at the University of Florida Gainesville. She received her Ph.D from Michigan State University (1999), her MS from The Pennsylvania State University (1994) and her BS from Waterloo University in Canada (1993). She has expertise in tourism marketing, planning and development, policy and crisis management. She has been involved with a number of tourism studies globally and has worked with a number of countries on tourism policy iniatives. Dr. Pennington-Gray has published more than 35 refereed articles, has brought in more than $2M in external research dollars and made over 100 presentations. Dr. Pennington-Gray teaches both undergraduate and graduate students the concepts of tourism marketing.


Dr. Johan R. Edelheim

Titles: Welcome to Symposium 
Safety, Security and Risk Education in the Australian and 
Finnish Tourism and Hospitality Syllabi - a Multidimensional

Dr. Johan R. Edelheim (PhD) is Director at the Multidimensional Tourism Institute, University of Lapland; Rovaniemi University of Applied Sciences & Lapland Tourism College. Behind most of his research lies a deeply rooted aim for humanism and equality. He looks at society and events with a purpose to highlight inequality in order to bring issues to common awareness. The matters of inequality can be found in all fields of studies and a conscious use of different theoretical lenses allows him to investigate matters in novel ways. The majority of his studies focus in different ways on tourism, hospitality, leisure, education and society - quite often using different popular culture sources as his data collection sites. He prefer qualitative methods, though he see the need for well performed quantitative studies to inform decision makers of generalisable matters. He feel confident using narrative, content and critical discourse analysis as well as different kinds of post-Husserlian phenomenology. His research internersts are: a) culturally critical tourism and hospitality studies; b) tourism and hospitality education studies; c) clarifications of tourism and hospitality concepts.


Dr. Pekka Iivari

Title: System Approach to Tourism Safety and Security

Dr. Pekka Iivari is project manager at the Multidimensional Tourism Instutite, Rovaniemi Finland. He has Ph.D from University of Oulu Finland. Pekka Iivari works as a safety and security expert in tourism development projects. He has published books on tourism crisis management, corporate safety in Russia and Russian geopolitics.

Toni Hyytinen_2.jpg

 Toni Hyytinen

Title: Safety Management in Finnish Adventure Service Companies
Anna Pukander_3.jpg

Pipsa Korkolainen_5.jpg

 Anna Pukander & Pipsa Korkolainen

Title: Modern Consumer Safety Surveillance - Focus on Safety of Leisure Services

Jyri Rajamäki_2.jpg 

 Dr. Jyri Rajamäki

Title: Optimized Power Consumption of GNSS Devices Enables Improved Safety and Security Response in Remote and Sparsely Populated Areas
Susanna Pääkkölä_2.jpg

 Susanna Pääkkölä

Title: Cold Winter Experiences
Kirsi Jussila_2.jpg

 Kirsi Jussila

Title: Protection and Safety of Travellers and Tourism Workers
Sirkka Rissanen_2.jpg 

 Dr. Sirkka Rissanen

Title: Fluid Infusion and Oxygen Administration in Cold Conditions

Kevin Kane_2.jpg
 Dr. Kevin Kane

Title: Reducing Tourist Food Borne Illness Risk through Communication: The UK National Food Hygiene Rating System
  Dr. Monica Tennberg

Title: Frontiers, Borderlands or Border Zones: Changing Ideas of Borders, Mobility and Security in the Barents Region
Juha Knuuttila

Title: Automated Border Control Gates for Smoother Border Crossings
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