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About us

MTI as an organization

MTI is a unit of the Lapland University Consortium. The remit of the Institute is tourism research at the University of Lapland; studies in the tourism, catering and economics sectors at the Lapland University of Applied Sciences, and Lapland Tourism College.

Administration and management at MTI are entrusted to its board of directors, executive board and director.

The Institute has three internal performance areas: research, education and services. Teams have been set up to develop these areas and communications. The teams are tasked with coordinating the activities of the performance areas and realization, assessment and development of their objectives. In addition, the Institute has a Development Group, which, among other tasks, works with teams to prepare matters that are coming before the management for decision.



Antti Honkanen, Multidimensional Tourism Institute

Board of Directors:

  • member, chair, Director Arto Ylitalo, deputy member Erkki Jääskö/Rovaniemi Municipal Federation of Education
  • member Rector Mauri Ylä-Kotola, deputy member Jukka Mäkelä/University of Lapland
  • member, Rector Martti Lampela, deputy member Reijo Tolppi/Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • member Eija Virtasalo/ Ministry of Employment and the Economy
  • member Jyrki Niva/Lapland Safaris 
  • member Minni Haanpää, University of Lapland, deputy member Ulla Kangasniemi Lapland University of Applied Sciences/Staff
  • member Oona Löytänen Lapland University of Applied Sciences, deputy member Rufus Kaivo University of Lapland /Students
  • expert member Tarja Tammia, secretary, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • expert member Leila Hurtig
  • expert member Jorma Puuronen
  • rapporteur Antti Honkanen

 Executive committee:

  • Antti Honkanen (chair)
  • Tarja Tammia
  • Eila Linna
  • Leila Hurtig 
  • Outi Rantala 
  • Leena Inkeröinen (secretary)


Education team:

  • Tarja Tammia (chair)
  • Mikko Vehkaperä (vice-chair)
  • Minni Haanpää, deputy member Maria Hakkarainen
  • Teija Tekoniemi-Selkälä, deputy member Matti Liimatta
  • Päivi Kontiokoski, deputy member Jarkko Leinonen
  • student member, Lapland University of Applied Sciences
  • student member, tourism research, University of Lapland
  • student member, Lapland Tourism College
  • Expert member Eila Linna

Research team:

  • Outi Rantala (chair), deputy Jose-Carlos García Rosell (University of Lapland)
  • Soile Veijola, deputy member Markku Vieru (University of Lapland)
  • Sisko Häikiö, deputy member Ulla Kangasniemi (Lapland University of Applied Sciences)
  • Teemu Raasakka, deputy member Jarkko Leinonen (Lapland Tourism College)
  • Sanna Kyyrä, deputy member Emilia Höckert (postgraduate student)
  • Jarno Valkonen, deputy member Anu Valtonen (Faculty of Social Sciences)
  • Seija Tuulentie, deputy member Ville Hallikainen (METLA)
  • Jonna Häkkilä, deputy member Pertti Aula (Faculty of Art and Design)
  • Jukka Jokimäki, deputy member Anna-Liisa Ylisirniö (Arctic Centre)
  • Eila Linna, deputy member Petra Falin (MTI/University of Lapland)
  • Heli Ilola (MTI/University of Lapland)

Service team:

  • Eila Linna (chair)
  • Merja Eskelinen, deputy member Päivi Ajo
  • Antti Koski
  • Mirva Tapaninen
  • Raimo Jänkälä

Development group:

  • Eila Linna (chair)
  • Leila Hurtig, deputy member Riitta Karusaari 
  • Tarja Tammia, deputy member Mikko Vehkaperä
  • Outi Rantala, deputy member Jose-Carlos Garcia-Rosell
  • Expert member Jaana Ojuva

Communications team:

  • Jaana Ojuva, (chair) (University of Lapland)
  • Petra Paloniemi (Lapland University of Applied Sciences)
  • Henna Jokinen (Lapland Tourism College)
  • Petteri Nissinen (Lapland Tourism College)

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