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Study your way to the top – of tourism!

Come and study tourism in Lapland! The Multidimensional Tourism Institute educates tourism professionals in Rovaniemi, the heart of Lapland, Finland’s best-known destination. In addition, Lapland Tourism College, part of MTI, offers instruction at Levi Institute. The crucial role of tourism in the region makes Lapland an inspiring learning environment.

Rovaniemi is the capital city for students in Lapland. Many student events and escapades, a brisk student culture and incomparable opportunities for outdoor activities make the city a superb place to study. Rovaniemi is just the right size as a city for a balanced and enriching student life.

What is tourism?

The tourism sector produces travel agency, transportation, accommodation and restaurant services, as well as tourism activities. The sector emphasises the importance of customer service skills, responsible behaviour, cultural competence and meeting customers’ expectations. Also crucial to the sector are a broad range of experts, for example consultants.

MTI educates skilled professional and other experts for a wide range of duties in the sector

For example, we have alumni who work in the following capacities:

  • travel counsellors, receptionists and supervisors, youth and leisure instructors, cooks, waiters and waitresses, bartenders and tourism activity organisers (Lapland Tourism College ).
  • service managers, tourist advisors, restaurant managers, sales secretaries, event organizers, group and destination coordinators (Lapland UAS)
  • experts, entrepreneurs, communications officers, planners, educators and researchers (University of Lapland)


We offer two degree programmes in English: Degree Programme in Tourism at Lapland UAS and Master's Degree Programme in Tourism, Culture and International Management at the University of Lapland.


Why MTI?

By studying tourism at LTC, Lapland UAS or ULap, you complete a vocational, applied university or university qualification in the field. At the same time, you have full access to all the benefits MTI has to offer its students.

All students at LTC, the students in the tourism, catering and economics programme at Lapland UAS and the students of tourism research at ULap are also students of MTI. This means that, in addition to pursuing your basic degree, you can expand your competence: you can go beyond what your degree programme and school can provide and include in your degree studies completed at one or more of the other schools that make up MTI. You have before you a broad palette of courses, which may be joint courses for all MTI students or may be part of the course offerings of one of MTI’s institutions. This opportunity is unique in Finland – available only at MTI. For more information, see Studying

Intense contacts with working life

With the large number of tourism enterprises in the province, Lapland offers a wealth of placement opportunities. MTI is engaged in wide-ranging, concrete cooperation in training and education with regional businesses. In degree projects and course projects our students have a chance to apply their knowledge in practice by carrying out work commissioned by the business community. In project studies and projects, they have the opportunity to develop further, deepening their contacts with working life while still working for their degree.

In the area of research and projects, our collaboration with the business community is also close. The research and project activities being carried out at MTI ensure that our students and teaching staff always have cutting-edge research findings available to them.

The paths in Lapland are full of experiences – explore them to create the education you want!

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