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Joint studies

Expand your skill set in MTI’s joint studies

After graduation, in “real life”, we see people with different educational backgrounds working together all the time. MTI provides an opportunity to learn these people skills – crucial in the workplace – flexibly, while you’re still a student.

As a student at MTI, you can

  • take part in joint courses
  • take part in lectures arranged jointly by the institutions that make up MTI
  • complete project studies at MTI
  • select courses from those offered at other institutions within MTI


Suitable options for everyone

MTI’s joint courses are studies offered as a seamlessly combined effort of the Institute’s three schools. These courses, the cream of the crop, bring together expertise in tourism from all levels of the educational system: vocational, university of applied science and university. The themes and content of the joint courses may vary from year to year. In academic year 2014-2015, the Institute is offering the course Event Tourism (Case Staalo), as well as a number of courses relating to product development.

In jointly implemented courses, students from different schools complete parts of the courses together. For example, a course may have joint lectures for students from all the schools but assignments specific to students from each institution.

In project studies, students at MTI respond together to projects assignments received from the community - working life - and develop the skills required by their qualification as they carry out the work. When students work on the assignments, the Institute always makes every effort to put together a team that is appropriate to the task, represents expertise in a range of fields and can best enhance the skills of students with different educational backgrounds.

By taking part in as many guest lectures and seminars as possible, our students build up a comprehensive picture of the scope of tourism. Guest lectures at MTI are given by speakers who are experts in their specializations. Our seminars and other events take up current issues in tourism. Seminars relating to tourism are also arranged at other institutions in the Lapland University Consortium and at the vocational-level institutions. By taking part in guest lectures, seminars and other events and by completing the written report required, assisted by the guidance provided, students can receive credit towards their degrees.

Students of MTI can also complete certain courses at the other schools making up the Institute. These cross-selectable studies are completed according to the requirements of the organizing institution and students may count them towards their degrees.

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