Everyday Product Development

Everyday Product Development


Conceptualising product development can be a challenging task. There are many product development definitions and models that describe the development of products in terms of different phases or steps. However, their complex nature usually requires time, extra work and even a certain degree of specialised knowledge. At the same time, they tend to approach product development as an internal business activity, which relies upon information coming from in-house expertise or, in best of the cases, from customer surveys.

Also small tourism enterprises are continuously developing new and old products, markets and new working practices – without calling it product development. Indeed, the daily practices of tourism entrepreneurs and customers as well as the peculiarities of the operating environment are omnipresent aspects of product development. 


To better understand these aspects of product development and thus use them in the development of more sustainable products, new business opportunities and a suitable business profile, we need a holistic perspective on:

- the operating environment, where tourism product development takes place and tourism products are produced and consumed,

- the product, which is seen as set of meanings and practices created at the interplay of different stakeholders, and

- customership, in which consumers, business partners, employees and locals are seen as customers who play a key role as product developers.

Open the Tourism co-creation  workbook (see attachment at the top right of the page). Through the questions in the workbook you have the opportunity to apply the ideas presented on this web site to your own business case.

Tourism co-creation workbook
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